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On the Other Side :)

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 On Monday, I went to the turkish side of Nicosia: Lefko?a. I was really surprised and found it very nice and different from the european side.

To go there you have to cross the "green line", and it's an easy thing really. You give your ID to the turkish cypriot border guard, then you take a piece of white paper you write your information on it and they stamp the paper and not your ID or passport. They do so because if when you come back and show your passport to the greek cypriot border guard with the Turkish Republich of Northern Cyprus's stamp then they won't let you cross the border again. It is really simple anyway. The feeling is strange but what you discover on the other side is worth it.

What I firstly saw on the turkish side was a recently renovated Han (Büyük Han) that has largely been given over to local artisans. I really love this place. The people were really friendly and the atmosphere there was peaceful and pleasant.

I visited a Mosque, it is Selimiye mosque, formerly St. Sophia's cathedral. It was built between 1209 and 1226. From the outside it looked surprisingly high, nice and like brand new. But inside, I was disppointed. Nothing special at all. This Mosque became a symbol for all the turkish people. But we should not forget that before becoming a Mosque, this building was a Christian Catholic Cathedral in medieval times, and was converted to a Mosque after the Ottoman invasion.

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ITHAKI for Erasmus :)

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 Ithaki is the club in Nicosia where all erasmus meet each week. It is really nice and you have the possibility to meet new persons.

Last wednesday was so funny! I took lots of pics and I even met a guy from my city in France here. It was quite strange to feel at the same time so far and close to home! :) 

Here are some pics of the party and a link to the website of the Bar.http://www.ithakivenue.com/Events.html)


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Publié à 17:26, le 11/02/2011, Nicosie
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Ayia Napa

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 My last weekend was wonderful! I went to Ayia Napa a beautiful place to be!

Originally a small fishing village, this is now a major tourist centre. Either than the beautiful beaches in this area and plenty of beach events, Ayia Napa has become very popular for its magnificent night life there are hundreds of night clubs and bars to choose from.

I discovered the great landscapes of Cyprus. I really felt in love with this Island...


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First week

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 So, I have done so many things in the last days! University is great! I love the courses that I'm following. i have a course called Public speaking, we'll have to prepare some presentations and interview or films for the class. Really nice for my english 

An other course i follow is about intercultural communication and it's so interesting! We'll talk about our cultures and different ways of perceiving things. I have also a course on the History of europe since 1850. The course I had today was about Race and ethnicity, we are just 4. The professor would like us to create a website and interview some people on the island about Immigration and their situation here. I think it's going to be something so rewarding and amusing.

Before my arrival here I was told not to talk about Turkey but the thing is that all my teachers keep talking about it. And I'm glad! They tell us so many thing about the cypriot conflict, about the border, about the situation between the greeks and the turks here. It is really nice to see that most of the people I met this week are so open minded.

I met erasmus as well and they are quite nice too! We plan to party a little bit more and discover the Island together. This weekend I'll go to Famagusta on the turkish side. 

The student Union here tries to organize some trips and activities but here is Cyprus and not Germany so it takes more time. I'll have to learn to be patient! 

Oh! and I registered for some clubs, hiking club, art and photography club and intercultural communication club! That way i'll meet more people!


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Just Arrived :)

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 I arrived on the Island yesterday! What a strange feeling to be here. The first thing you see of the Island from the plane before landing is the Turkish flag. It reminds everybody what is really going on here and how is the situation between the two parts. I will see that in the next days I think.

So, form Larnaca Airport I took a bus, I met a guy there. I thought he was an erasmus student but he was just here to work a few days. After 45 minutes, we reached Nicosia/Lefkosia. I took a Taxi then and landed in Vyzantiou Street where my flatmate was waiting for me.... Waiting not really but sleeping while waiting!  She is really nice and funny. The other one is going to come on saturday and the guy at the end of february.

I slept quite well. It was a bit cold because they don't use the heating here. Anyway I'll get used to it 

Today, I am going to see where my university is and I'll try to find the right bus to go there. Oh I need to buy food too... I am mvery Hungryyyyyy!



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